Sunday, July 7, 2019

அமேசான் கிண்டில் - தமிழ் மின்னூல் உருவாக்கம் & வருமானம் பெறும் வழிகள்

தமிழில் மின்னூல் உருவாக்கும் வழிமுறைகளையும், அமேசான் கிண்டிலில் பதிவேற்று வருமானம் பெறும் வழிகளையும் எளியமுறையில் விளக்குவதாக இப்பதிவு அமைகிறது.


  1. Thanks for the clear and neat tutorial.

    Dr Siva

  2. Landed on this page when I was searching for lines from Bharathiyar எந்தையும் தாயும் மகிழ்ந்து குலாவி... which led me to your blog. I found this kindle publication You Tube, I should say, by a series of two lucky coincidences. I found it simple to follow and fairly easy to understand.
    It has given in a nut shell in the space of less than 15 minutes what it is all about and has given me the confidence that I cay try it on my own. Thank you.
    As an editor of a journal for 33 years [of course, in the print platform] and a teacher educator can I take the liberty of suggesting that you can give both the audio and the visual such that each one is complete in itself. {I am aware this is challenging, if not impossible. As one more visually oriented I grasp better if I get the visual version of the narrative also. Yours is really thoughtful service in the cause of stimulating and causing distribution of Tamil books. I am also sending this web page address to my former student and currently a publisher [of course, in the print platform]. I would like to know more about you.